International Woods

We stock a range of commercial International Hardwoods, due to the nature of the export market this range is constantly changing and prices fluctuate. We aim to keep in stock a varied selection but large orders of any one species will have to be pre-ordered.




Banksia Nuts
These grow on small Australian trees.
The nuts are hard and solid with seed pods runnung from the outside towards the centre core. Easily turned giving an unusual result.



The Isca A to Z of
International Woods

American Ash
Very light sapwood, light brown to yellow heartwood. Generally straight grained. Very good for furniture and general DIY. Turns and carves well.

European Steamed Beech
Pale pink-brown heartwood turning reddish brown if steamed. Stable wood that suits many craft applications.

Light pink brown to reddish brown with darker red streaks. Straight interlocked grain often mottled. A hard and heavy wood very good turning properties.

American Cherry
Has creamy white sapwood with the heartwood being a rich red to reddish brown that darkens on exposure. It has a straight grain and smooth texture. Stable wood that suits many craft applications.

Heart varies from bright orange to deep red with attractive, varigated stripes of yellow, orange and black, darkening on exposure. Irregular and varied grain with a fine texture capable of excellent finish.

Heartwood is jet black but many trees have lighter shades, speckles or stripes of grey or dark brown. Straight to slightly interlocking grain, very fine texture. Used for carving, turning, musical instruments, etc.

Creamy yellow in colour with a close grained and fine texture. Heavy hard and stable. Very good for detailed turning and carving.

Lignum Vitae
Brown to green with light stripes and veins. It has a close interlocked grain with marble like texture. Very hard.

Light brown with grey streaks. Medium weight and texture. Good for wood turning.

American Maple
Creamy white sapwood with reddish brown tinge. Heartwood varies from light to dark red brown. Generally straight grained with a fine texture. Very good for furniture and general DIY. Turns and carves well. Used in guitar making.

Heartwood brown with black streaks. Heavy wood, fine texture.

American White Oak
Light coloured sapwood with light to dark brown heartwood. Mostly straight grained with medium to coarse texture. Very good for furniture and general DIY.



Heartwood is light brown to dark brown with irregular stripes of grey, brown and black giving a marbled like appearance. Heavy wood with high oil content.

Deep plum red with varying shades that mellow with age. Has a slightly interlocked grain and course texture. A hard, heavy and stable wood that finishes well. It’s rich colour leads it to be used for stick handles and turning.

Palm Wood
Dark brown to black flecks with an unusual look to it. Brittle and splinters easily.

Piquia Amerello
Heartwood and sapwood are not distinguishable being bright yellow in colour. Very fine even texture.

Heartwood is dull brown when freshly cut, changing rapidly to purple on exposure. Heavy wood suitable for wood turning.

Has creamy white sapwood that can be streaked with heartwood varying from pale yellowish brown to olive green and purple. A straight grained wood with a medium to fine texture. Carves well.

Sonokeling Rosewood
Dark brown with lighter stripes. Medium texture easy to work.

American Black Walnut
Rich dark brown to purplish-black heartwood. Mostly straight grained with course texture. Very durable and works well. Very good for furniture and general DIY.
Turns and carves well. Also used for gun stocks and guitars.

Dark brown heartwood with very close, fine almost black veins. Used in furniture making and detail work.

Light yellow to golden with narrow streaks of brown and black, which produce vivid stripes on the quartered face.
A hard and heavy wood which works well. Very attractive wood for turning and stick handles.