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A high quality range of wood finishing materials. Please call if the product you require is not on the list below.

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Sanding Sealers

Acrylic Sanding Sealer
A water based sanding sealer, which dries quickly and sands easily, giving a perfect basecoat for Chestnut Products Acrylic Lacquers, Friction polish, Woodwax 22 or stick wax. This product complies with EN71 regulations for use on toys.

Available in 500ml -

Cellulose Sanding Sealer
A quick drying sealer, which provides an excellent base for all Chestnut Products finishes which require the use of a sealer. This formula does not contain harmful petroleum solvents such as toluene and xylene. Complies with EN71 regulations for use on toys.

Available in 500ml - £9.95


Shellac Sanding Sealer
Suitable for use on most interior applications including joinery and lathe work for a higher build, increased gloss and a more hardwearing finish to your final coat An excellent basecoat for friction and French polishes and waxes.

Available in 500ml - £9.50


Acrylic Sanding Sealer
An easy to apply water-based Sanding Sealer in aerosol form, modified for a quick drying time. Can be used with all Chestnut Products Acrylic Lacquers, Friction Polish and Waxes. Does not contain CFCs. Complies with EN71 regulations for use with toys.

Available in 400ml Aerosol - £6.95


Cellulose Sanding Sealer
A popular Cellulose Sanding sealer packaged in an easy to use, fast drying aerosol spray form.

Available in 400ml Aerosol - £7.95


Finishing Oil
A blend of oils including Tung; suitable for interior use (especially kitchens and bathrooms) and exterior use (including garden furniture and ornaments). Forms a seal on wood giving a tough water-resistant finish. Several coats will build to a gloss finish if required. This product complies with EN71 regulations for use on toys.

Available in 500ml - £9.25


Food Safe Finish
Food Safe Finish is a clear food grade oil for use with salad bowls, cheese boards and other items, which come into contact with foodstuffs. It dries to a soft satin finish with a high degree of water resistance, which will withstand wiping with a damp cloth.

Available in 500ml - £9.25

Lemon Oil
Manufactured using lemongrass oil, Lemon Oil gives a virtually matt, non-tacky finish to bare wood whilst enhancing the feel of it and leaving a pleasant lemon aroma. Non-oxidising and water resistant, Lemon Oil is also ideal for finishing the inside of drawers, boxes and cabinets.

Available in 500ml - £9.95
Polish Enhancers

Burnishing Cream
A very mildly abrasive cleaner which smoothes and cleans finishes, reviving the lustre of previously polished surfaces and enhancing the gloss of newly applied lacquers and polishes. Especially suitable for use with Melamine Lacquer, Acrylic Gloss Lacquer, Friction Polish. Can also be used as a liquid sander on Cellulose Sanding Sealer before application of wax or Friction Polish but not lacquers. For an exceptional finish first apply a coat of Melamine Lacquer. Once dry, burnish with Burnishing Cream and follow with a coat of Friction Polish. Finally, burnish again for a wonderful high gloss.

Available in 500ml - £10.25, 1ltr - £19.50, 5ltr - £59.75


Cellulose Thinners
A premium quality grade formulated for use with Cellulose Sanding Sealer, Melamine Lacquer and Spirit Stain. It can also be used to clean brushes after using these products and many other materials. Chestnut Products Cellulose Thinners does not contain petroleum solvents such as toluene and xylene, which can be harmful both to the user and the environment.

Available in 500ml - £7.75

Spirit Thinners
A clear, top quality thinner for use with Spirit Stain and other methylated spirit based products such as French Polish, Shellac Sanding Sealer etc.

Available in 500ml - £6.25


Ny-Web Pads
Fine finishing starts with good preparation! Use these mildly abrasive pads after sanding for that final smoothing process to give a near-perfect surface prior to applying any finish. Very long lasting, these pads are also very flexible and do not crumble.
Standard Green
Extra fine Red
Ultra Fine Grey
Non Abrasive White

Each - £1.25, 10 pack - £11.95

Safety Cloth
A woven paper sheet ideal for lathe work as it tears easily if caught in any moving parts. Thicker than kitchen towel it stays wet longer, allowing an even application and retains it’s shape, strength and texture even when wet.  Supplied in packs of three.

3s - £1.75, 10s - £4.25


Acrylic Pen Blanks
An esciting range of blanks for turning and carving. Ideal for pens, cutlery handles etc. Available in a range of colours.






Acrylic Lacquer
A water-based lacquer, which can be, used either straight onto bare wood or over Chestnut Products Acrylic or Cellulose Sanding Sealers. The omission of the Sanding Sealer will require extra coats of lacquer to be applied. 
This is a quick drying and very hardwearing product.
This product complies with EN71 regulations for use on toys.

Available in 500ml - £10.95


Melamine Lacquer
A quick drying, hardwearing lacquer with a melamine additive, which provides improved heat and water resistance. Once dry, the lacquer chemically cures achieving maximum durability after seven days. This formula does not contain harmful petroleum solvents such as toluene or xylene. This product complies with EN71 regulations for use on toys

Available in 500ml - £10.25


Acrylic Gloss / Satin Lacquer
A hard wearing, quick drying acrylic lacquer with easy application of an aerosol. In gloss or satin. Does not contain CFCs. Complies with  EWN71 regulations for use on toys.

Available in 400ml Aerosol -

Ebonising Lacquer
A quick drying pigmented acrylic lacquer designed to coat most timbers to mimic the classic look of ebony in an easy to use aerosol to ensure a smooth finish. Ebonising Lacquer colours and finishes in one and is hard wearing enough to cope with most applications. This product contains no CFCs.

Available in 400ml Aerosol - £6.95

Melamine Gloss Lacquer
Our popular Melamine Lacquer in an aerosol for easy application, giving a hardwearing gloss finish with good heat and water resistance.

Available in 400ml Aerosol
- £7.95


Friction Polish
Chestnut Products Friction Polish produces a high gloss finish ideal for polishing small items. It has a heavy concentration of shellac, which gives a very high build; therefore it is not essential to apply a sealer before application, although a coat of Cellulose Sanding Sealer or Acrylic Sanding Sealer may be applied first if preferred.

Available in 500ml  - £9.75



Microcrystaline Wax
Forms a dense, hardwearing surface which is highly water repellent. They also have a higher melting point that traditional waxes making them resistant to finger marks. Use sparingly for best results.

Available in 225ml - £9.95

Wood Wax 22
A blend of beeswax and Carnauba wax in a non-harmful solvent making a soft paste which is fast and easy to use, ideal for use on lathe work, bare or sealed wood, furniture and other finished surfaces. Clear complies with EN71 regulations for use on toys. Colour Clear.

Available in 450ml - £7.75


Woodturners Stick Wax
A solid stick, rich in Beeswax and Carnauba wax for polishing on a lathe to give high gloss finish. Uniquely shaped to allow access to awkward and intricate areas, blend for easy use. Use over sanding sealer.


Carnuaba Wax Stick
A block of pure Carnuaba wax for a hardwearing high gloss finish on the lathe.    



Spirit Stain
A quick-drying wood dye manufactured with high grade, fade resistant materials. Can be intermixed for colour matching or thinned using Cellulose Thinners for delicate wash effects. Spirit Stain is also suitable for mixing with Cellulose Sanding Sealer and Melamine Lacquer up to a suggested maximum of 10% to make your own tinted finishes.

Spirit Stain Sample Kit
By popular demand Spirit Stains are now available in trial bottle size. Each pack contains one 25ml of Spirit Stain of each of either the Wood Colours of Rainbow Colours plus which can be used to try the colour or for use as a mixer to make a new colour or for use as a wash. Trial bottles are ideal for use when mixing with Cellulose Sanding Sealer and Melamine Lacquer to make tinted finishes.

Wood Colours or Rainbow Colours - £14.50


We only keep products in stock in small quantities but are happy to order larger volumes. Please telephone for details.