Blanks Selection

Turning Blanks

Our extensive range of pre-cut blanks and blocks are produced from part seasoned, air and kiln dried woods.  They are cut by bandsaw and the outer is sealed with paraffin wax. Special orders and sizes can be produced if stock is available.


isca blanks


We stock a large selection of turning and carving blanks in various woods.

isca blanks


Carving Blanks

We always carry a large range of air and kiln dried woods to suit all areas of carving such as spoons, figures, and relief projects. Lime is an excellent material for carving as it is easy to work and very stable.

Lime boards are available in thicknesses of 15mm to 100mm.

Other woods such as Acacia, Apple, Cherry, Elm, Holly, Sycamore, Tulip and Yew are also available in spoon thicknesses.

Blocks range from 50mm square to 150mm in thickness. 
We always have a large selection of carving blocks in stock in various materials.  Please contact us for details.

Stick Shafts

Stick Shafts - Natural Hazel or Ash, Rounded Ash, Oak, International woods

All are priced individually.

For blank prices, please give us a call or pop in.


If Pyrography is your hobby, we can supply boards finished or unfinished as per your requirements.  We are also happy to discuss other items, such as wall plaques.