At Isca Woodcrafts we have over 40 years of experience in making furniture. During those years our commissions have been very diverse. From simple shelves and mantels to bespoke items of furniture.

We have made desks, sideboards, chairs, tables, display cabinets, lecterns, even a Pulpit and Alter. The list is endless, so if you would like to commission us please give us a call. We also work on smaller projects, our range of boxes, mirrors and food boards can all be made to specific requirements. Isca Woodcrafts will consider any project, get in touch and we’re happy to talk with no obligation.


Isca Wooden Chest
Elm Table by Isca Woodcraft
Occasional Table
Slim table by Isca Woodcraft
Lecturn Commission by Isca Woodcraft
Stools - commissioned bu Isca Woodcraft